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Lent it up!

With Lent around the corner, it’s time for us to start thinking about what we can do, give up, leave behind, give… the list goes on.

It goes without saying, Lent is a massive part of the life of any Christian. That said, we’re only human and even though it’s a huge deal, it doesn’t stop up from being forgetful preoccupied with the busyness of life, and maybe a little distracted from the journey of Lent.

These visual reminders are designed to help us out… Here are some ideas:

  • Have them displayed somewhere in you home that you regularly pass… maybe the hallway, porch or staircase? Seeing visual reminders of our spiritual journey can help our brains and hearts to learn that the journey is not just for our prayer time, or for when we’re at an Ash Wednesday service or at Mass. God is with us in every moment of our daily lives too, and is calling each of us to a journey with him this Lent (even in the hallway).
  • You might like to print these off as postcards, and post them to a friend or relative with a message or prayer for them, letting them know that you’ll be praying for them this Lent.
  • Print off our colouring pages and spend some time colouring and discussing your Lenten hopes as a group (maybe with your family, or friends, even over zoom?). You could think about the colours you each use, and notice the differences in your choices… God gave us favourite colours and it’s fun to remember that!
  • Another option for the colouring sheet, its to fill the space behind the main design with images, words or shapes that represent your hopes for Lent. What will you give? How will you pray? What will you leave behind and fast from?

Let us know how you use this resource by sharing a photo or message with us on social media!

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