Pope Francis’ message for Lockdown


Last April, Pope Francis addressed the people with a message during Holy Week, in the midsts of the first spike of the coronavirus pandemic. The words are strong and true today, as we find ourselves in a third national lockdown.

Three ideas for using this resource:

  • Virtual Assembly or Briefing
    You might like to speak the words of the message out loud. We believe it’s important for young people to hear their own accents, dialects and culture reflected in evangelisation. You could do this in a virtual assembly, collective worship, or even a staff prayer time or briefing.
  • Personal Prayer
    Reflect on the words by yourself. Finding time to stop is difficult, even in lockdown! Why not use this video as a tool for personal prayer and reflection. Is there a word or phrase that stands out to you?
  • Creative Prayer
    You might like to (or invite your young people to) draw a phrase or image that comes to them whilst encountering this message, encouraging the Holy Spirit to speak through the words we hear.
  • Got another idea?
    Let us know about any idea you have, or how this video works for you!

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